set rohrverbinder 90x90+2 schaukelschellen 90x90mm-159
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DIY Swing Set Kit - for Square Wood 90x90 90angle

€ 64,99
€ 54,99

Make your one Swing Set using 2 x OBLIQUE - angle Corner Brackets Square & 4  x Swing Hangers for square 90x90mm Wood Oblique corner 90°


  • Two swing corners create an "A" shaped frame with legs at oblique angles to the top beam
  • SWING BRACKETS have pre-drilled boreholes - no need to drill through the metal
  • Swing corners creEasy clip-on clip-off swing hangers to be used with swing seats & any other accessories
  • Corner brackets are powder coated & hooks are galvanised - WILL NOT RUST - VERY DURABLE